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28 October 2020

For 88-year-old Ernest, regaining independence through our in-home occupational therapy service has enabled him to return to gardening, bringing him closer to his loved ones.

The ex-singer improved his balance and co-ordination by working with occupational therapist Christine Newman over a period of six weeks. This OT Week, we celebrate our 67 occupational therapists who help people of all ages with physical, sensory, or cognitive problems.

“I am now back in the garden helping my beautiful wife. The garden is a special place for us both because it is where we can talk about our son who tragically passed away,” said Ernest.

Sadly, Ernest wasn’t the only one in hospital this year as his wife of 59 years, Lucy, also suffered a heart attack.

Silverchain have been our real-life angels this year, they have supported us to remain safely at home after we were both discharged from hospital.

Our OT service has a range of interventions and treatments to improve client's functional skills, so they can regain their independence and quality of life.

We work with clients on a personalised program to support their requirements, and the offering can range from home modifications like rails to assisting with hand functions.

“I wasn’t able to walk without a walking stick or walker before, and I can now rake the yard, garden, take the bins out and help Lucy clean around the house,” Ernest added.

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