When Victorian Domestic Assistant Sharyn Russell attends one of her client’s homes, she knows her work is far more important than just doing some ordinary cleaning chores.

Sharyn’s work gives her clients the chance to continue living independently in their own homes, in familiar and comforting surroundings, and in the communities that they feel a part of.

“I love helping people. The clients appreciate everything that you do for them,” says Sharyn. She reassures her clients, “It doesn’t matter that you can’t clean the shower or strip the bed. That’s why I am here. I am going to help you stay in your own home.”  

“When some of my friends ask me why I clean other’s people’s homes, I don’t think of it like that. I feel like I’m doing my bit to help my clients maintain their independence, and there isn’t a better feeling than that!” Sharyn said
Sharyn also loves that her clients are full of stories and rich life experiences, such as one of her clients, Denise, who has a touch of “baking goddess” in her bag of tricks that she likes to share with Sharyn during her visits.

In her daily work Sharyn enjoys getting to know her clients and building lasting connections with them.

After a long and varied career in finance and recycling, Sharyn jumped at the chance to not only give back to the community, but have a job that offers better work-life balance. With flexible working arrangements she can easily fit her work in around her family commitments.

I wish I thought to do this type of work sooner,” Sharyn said.

At Silverchain, we know that care is a chain reaction: because when you’re cared for, you can care more.

We’re currently looking for people like Sharyn to join our team of care workers in Victoria. If you are looking for a job that makes the difference, click here for more information or to apply.