We have decades of experience in wound management. Our leading care and expertise are recognised across Australia. Our Wound Care Manual is a textbook offering the world's best practice in the assessment, treatment and management of wounds, developed and written by internationally renowned, Keryln Carville RN, PhD, STN (Cred).

World-class wound management experience

The Wound Care Manual promotes a collaborative approach to the assessment and management of people with wounds and provides information on:

  • Anatomy and physiology of the skin
  • Factors affecting wound healing
  • General wound assessment and management
  • Specific advice on the management of burns, skin tears, leg ulcers, neuropathic feet, cancerous wounds, draining wounds, peristomal wounds and pressure injuries
  • technical advice on drains and percutaneous tubes, bandages and surgical stockings
  • Wound cleansing agents and all types of dressings.

The manual also includes a current index of Australian manufacturers and their products.

The Wound Care Manual Volume 8 will be available to order from 31 March 2023