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14 September 2023

Chris had regained his independence following a life changing motorbike accident in 1974 after sustaining multiple injuries including a spinal fracture which left him paraplegic.

After twelve months of an intense rehab program, Chris was back on his feet and able to walk again. Rebuilding his life from the ground up, he was back working and married his soulmate in 1992.

Just when it seemed like everything was falling into place, fate struck another cruel blow. Chris suffered an unforeseen fall from his wheelchair, leading to a series of life-changing medical events that left him in hospital for sixteen months. Multiple surgeries followed, and the extended hospital stay left Chris with pressure injuries that required ongoing care.

With a desire to recuperate at home, Chris and his wife sought assistance from RDNS Silverchain for nursing services to care for the wounds he sustained in hospital and catheter management. Physiotherapy and podiatry were also provided.

But the RDNS SIlverchain care team recognised that Chris was struggling with daily tasks such as getting dressed and preparing meals. To address this his care team requested additional support.

Chris’s care team worked with occupational therapists to modify his home, including a new mattress to relieve his pressure injuries, and installed a ceiling hoist to help him out of bed.

Despite some setbacks, Chris's care team continue to support him on his journey focusing on his long-term rehabilitation.

Chris and his wife are now looking forward to the future and are grateful for the support of RDNS Silverchain.

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