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12 February 2024

A series of health complications arising from spinal surgery compromised Alison's ability to live independently at home, but the arrival of Greg from Silverchain Private Care in December 2022 marked a turning point.  

Greg's commitment to Alison's well-being was clear from the moment he arrived for his first shift at her home in Canterbury in Melbourne. He quickly fit into Alison's routine, taking on tasks from cleaning the house, driving Alison to and from medical appointments, walking her dog Mac, as well as keeping her company.  

Silverchain Private Care's flexible care plan has provided Alison with the assistance she needs to navigate her daily life. But it's more than just the everyday tasks that Alison appreciates. She says Greg has brought companionship and laughter into her life.  

"I once asked him about how to refer to caregivers. Should I call them friends or carers? Greg said, ‘Driving Miss Daisy.’ It just stuck.”

Alison turned 80 last year and has always lived in the family home. Her career began as a nurse at the Royal Melbourne Hospital in 1961. After years of working in various nursing roles, Alison went on to manage a council run childcare centre for 15 years and has volunteered for the Royal Flying Doctors Service for the last ten years.  

As life progressed, Alison faced her share of personal struggles, including caring for her ailing parents who lived her in the family home her father built in 1936. Alison says her home holds a special place in her heart.  

"This house, you see, it's not just walls and rooms. It's where my parents built their life together in the 1930s. It's where my sister and I grew up and where I've weathered life's storms. There's a deep sense of history and belonging here that no other place could replicate,” Alison said. 

"Being cared for in my family home feels like a warm embrace from the past and a promise for the future. It's as if these walls themselves hold the echoes of my journey, reminding me of the strength and resilience that have been part of this home for generations."

"Their assistance and support during my recent health challenges have profoundly impacted my wellbeing. The team has delivered everything I asked them to do, and Greg's presence in my home has given me a renewed sense of independence and security,” Alison said.  

"Mac also approves. He thinks Greg is the bee's knees."   

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