Our services are tailored for your needs, priorities, and preferences.

Silverchain Private Care has a range of aged care services to help you maintain your health and independence, so you can continue to do more of what is important to you.  

Our professional and experienced care managers will take the time to get to know you and recommend an individualised care plan that delivers on your health and wellbeing goals. Read more about our Care Management Services.

With Silverchain Private Care you can self-fund your aged care services if you don’t have a government funding service package. You can also self-fund additional services to existing government funded services, you may be receiving.  

You do not need a government aged care assessment, which means you can start receiving the care you need, without the wait, and we can provide services for as long as you need, for a short or long period of time. 

Personal care

Help to get ready for your day, that works best for you.

Meal preparation

Help with shopping or preparing your favourite meals.

Home and garden help

Everyday tasks around your home and garden, so you can keep it just the way you want it.

Support for family and carers

Respite and carer support services, including in-home overnight sleepovers, to help you take a break and recharge.

Companionship care and transport

Help to stay active and socially connected.

Regular health care or mobility support

If you need more than a little help around the home, you can also consider health care services. This could include daily care for ongoing health conditions, or post hospital care. Services can include:

  • Nursing services: Such as medication management, continence or catheter care, stoma, injury or wound care, surgical drain management, support for chronic conditions.

  • Allied health care: Support to prevent falls, and improve your mobility at home, or services such as physiotherapy, occupational therapy, podiatry, massage, nutrition, alternative therapists, and social workers.

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