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19 October 2022

Caring for a loved one can be overwhelming, whether it happens unexpectedly or was planned. When life suddenly changes, it can be challenging to figure out what support is needed for someone you love.   

Sandra and her husband, George, are retired and live on a farm near Melbourne. They have cows and chickens, and their two daughters often visit to help them around the house. Four years ago, Sandra was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease and Alzheimer's disease.   

Despite his own health problems, George takes care of Sandra. He has been recovering from back surgery and skin cancer.    

Earlier this yearSandra was admitted to hospital, and staff suggested that George and Sandra reach out to Silverchain Private Care for help at home.   

George said, "I was worried about bringing Sandra home, but everything went smoothly, thanks to Alex and the team at Silverchain Private Care. They made it very easy for us."  

Silverchain Private Care's services includes respite care that is tailored to meet the health and wellbeing needs of caregivers like George, including overnight stays.  

Dorothy Fuller, Director, Silverchain Private Care, says caring for a loved one living with dementia takes a lot of energy and dedication.  

"Our care team step in, so you can take time out and enjoy the things you like doing because we know that to give someone your best care, you need to be at your best," Dorothy said.   

Silverchain Private Care is part of Silverchain Group, which, for almost 130 years, is one of Australia's leading providers of complete in-home health and aged care services.    

Dorothy says people in situations like George’s find the current care system challenging, often involving lengthy wait times, and they are not always able to access the services they need where they live. 

Silverchain Private Care can solve those problems. Anyone can self fund our health and aged care services, and access tailored support without the long wait.

Dorothy adds that private care services often suit people who would like a higher level of support than what government subsidised home care can offer, who are already on the waitlist for government subsidised support but can’t wait any longer, or who would prefer an alternative to residential aged care.   

"We put our clients right where they should be, in control and at the center of their care. We can coordinate the care you need across various services, from everyday wellbeing to more complex health conditions.   

"We passionately believe that everyone deserves the right to live a healthy, safe, and independent life in the comfort of their home, stay active and most importantly connected to their loved ones and their community," Dorothy said.   

George says getting help from Silverchain Private Care has made things easier. He can focus on his health, which helps him to give his wife the best care.   

"Silverchain Private Care support Sandra with exercises and takes her out for coffee or a stroll through our garden when the weather is nice. They also help around the house so I can take her to appointments. We're so grateful and look forward to their visits each week."  

After six months of Silverchain Private Care's support, George and Sandra are excited to take a holiday to Queensland.   

"My mind is at ease knowing that as soon as we arrive, all the support we need will be in place. It doesn't get any better than that," George said.   

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