From our earliest beginnings offering skilled nursing services to vulnerable people in their own homes, to becoming the leading national provider of in-home health and care services, we've always looked after Australia.

July, 1894 in Bowden, South Australia

In 1894 the District Trained Nursing Society (later renamed RDNS Silverchain) was established. Dr. Allan Campbell, the main force behind this philanthropic mission, aimed to care for those most in need amid the midst of severe poverty and economic depression. The Society provided skilled nursing care to very vulnerable people in their own homes.

Meanwhile in Western Australia

Silverchain’s earliest beginnings were as a children’s club run through the pages of the popular weekend newspaper, the Western Mail. In 1905, the tireless Muriel Chase, writing as ‘Aunt Mary’, invited the readers of the Children’s Corner to join her ‘little union of nephews and nieces’ so that they might help the less fortunate children of their community.

1944 - 2003

Growth during war time

The shadow of war was long in the years between 1914 and 1945. At home, the crisis of disease, illness and poverty had a major impact on many Australians. During this time, our organisation grew in size and sophistication to meet the needs of those who relied on us.

Domestic help in the home

Our domestic service began in 1961 in Western Australia. Today, our accomplished team of compassionate care experts help many people maintain independence and enjoy a better quality of life in their own homes.

End-of-life care

In 1982 the Western Australian Government funded Silverchain’s first hospice and palliative care pilot, launched in response to research conducted by Silverchain in 1981. We are the pioneers of palliative care at home, with more than 40 years’ experience offering this clinical care and dignified support to Australians at the most difficult time in the most difficult circumstances.

Expanding services across the country

2010 – Queensland 

In 2010, Silverchain healthcare services commenced in Queensland, providing the vital Home Hospital program, which delivers hospital-level care to our clients in their homes. Today we continue to offer hospital in the home, as well as palliative care and specialist community care services.

2012 – New South Wales 

For more than a decade, we have been supporting communities in New South Wales, including palliative care in the home for Western Sydney communities since 2017. We also provide care coordination, care navigation and health coaching for people chronic diseases and complex needs.

2016 – Victoria 

In 2016, we launched our first services in Victoria. Today we provide care in the home via the Commonwealth Home Support Program and Home Care Packages. Our multidisciplinary team provide care and coordination to support clients to remain living in their home.