The Silverchain Group has a rich history as Australian pioneers, innovators and leaders of care in the home.

For over 125-years as a not-for-profit, Silverchain Group has provided high-quality, complete care in the home to multiple generations of Australians, supported by our dedicated and accomplished employees across the country. Our aspiration is to create a better home care system for all Australians.

Silverchain aims to revolutionise the way complete care is provided and to transform the way it is received. Guided by our world class research, supported with the latest technology, and delivered with the human touch of someone who cares, we are the national leaders of complete care at home and supporting our clients’ health and wellbeing.

Silverchain is the leading provider of complete in home care services in Australia, supporting 105,000 people of all ages each year, across a range of services in their homes including hospital in the home, palliative care, aged care (Home Care Packages and Commonwealth Home Support Programme), allied health and social support, and virtual care monitoring.

We believe that everyone deserves the right to choose where they receive their care, and that home care helps keep you connected to your community. If home is where you are most comfortable - your safe haven - and where you want to be, we’ll meet you there with care you can trust. 

Your health and aged care at home can be tailored to your needs, preferences and cultural values. Our services include specialist nursing, palliative care, home care and home support services, home hospital, allied health services, virtual care and monitoring programs, and the provision of equipment and monitored personal alarms. 

We can provide comprehensive healthcare safely, privately and comfortably, supporting you to recover from illness, injury or surgery, helping to avoid unnecessary hospitalisation and managing long-term conditions at home. We are the pioneers of palliative care at home, with more than 40 years’ experience offering this clinical care and dignified support to Australians at the most difficult time.

We can provide ageing and wellbeing support, from practical assistance with shopping, cleaning, gardening and cooking; to personal care to bathe and dress; or helping you participate in your favourite activities, your wellbeing and right to continue to live safely at home is our focus. 

Our expert team of allied health professionals, from physiotherapists and occupational therapists to podiatrists, dieticians, social workers, we can enhance your wellbeing at home, helping you recover from illness, injury or surgery. 

From wellbeing as you age to complex health care at any age, we’re there.

Our purpose and values

Our aspiration is to create a better home care system for all Australians. Our human rights-based philosophy protects our clients’ autonomy, endorses their rights and supports their ability to choose where they receive their care. In everything we do, we value:





Our approach

Next generation of care

Australians are rethinking health and aged care. The rapid changes in demand, technology, consumer choice, and policy have disrupted the dominant bricks-and-mortar approach, and we’re opting for care connection and greater choice. Silverchain is the next generation of health and aged care.

Best care

We are always seeking innovative new ways to offer the best care to every person, every time. Our Best Care framework reflects our commitment to care that is personal, safe, effective and connected.


From wellbeing as you age to complex care at any age, we’re there, so you can stay connected to your community.


We approach today’s health care challenges with solutions that use the latest technology and innovations, backed by research. Our research, technology and innovation agenda enables us to improve current services and create new models of care; develop and test new supports, services and technologies; and conduct academic research.

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Silverchain Group board

Silverchain Group has a diverse board including national leaders from health care, policy and technology across Australia, chaired by Anne Skipper AM.

Our executive

Meet our passionate Silverchain Group leadership team who are committed to the delivery of comprehensive care in your community every day.


We are committed to keeping you up to date, read the latest Silverchain news as we work towards creating a better home care system for all Australians.

“When I think back on the last hospital visit Vera had, I am so glad that the next time we had Silverchain to help, there’s no comparison. Silverchain’s support made such a big difference”