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12 March 2024

After working for over 30 years in the hospitality industry, Greg decided to make a big change in his life.   

Greg left behind a successful career as a General Manager for an international hotel chain and joined Silverchain Private Care as a Domestic Care Worker. He calls this change a “career encore” as he found a new purpose and fulfilment for helping others.  

Greg’s journey began when he left his job to care for his mother in an aged care retirement home. He soon realised he had always been attracted to the care industry, so he explored opportunities in the disability and aged care sectors.   

Recently Greg and his partner moved to Melbourne, and he discovered the perfect role at Silverchain Private Care. He says he thoroughly enjoys working with older people and finds it easy to connect with individuals of his own age.   

"Providing care comes naturally to me, and I genuinely feel fulfilled in this line of work, but it’s not work, it’s a vocation."

Greg says he cherishes the variety and uniqueness of each day. “No two days are the same. When you ring the doorbell, you’re not sure what will happen. That’s one of the things I like about the job. It keeps me engaged and excited about the opportunities to make a positive impact.”   

As a Domestic Support Worker at Silverchain Private Care, Greg helps clients with their daily living needs in their homes. He takes care of household chores, goes shopping, and keeps them company. Greg even drives clients to their medical appointments and takes their dogs for a walk. He also supports clients recovering from surgery or physical limitations by making daily tasks easier and less stressful.   

Greg’s commitment to providing the best care has significantly impacted the lives of his clients and their families. They appreciate his compassionate approach and how he can relate to them as if they are speaking with an old friend.   

Greg says he finds joy in knowing he has made a positive difference in his clients’ lives.   

“They truly value the time I spend with them, even if it is sitting down for a chat. I am learning from them, so it feels like a journey we’re on together.”    

Greg also serves as an advocate for male caregivers in the care industry. He believes diversity and representation are vital in providing compassionate care to clients of all genders.   

“There’s an importance of men looking after men as well, and I think it’s crucial to challenge gender biases as everyone needs care, and having a diverse workforce ensures we can better meet the needs of all our clients,” Greg said.   

Greg’s career encore has allowed him to follow his passion for caring for others and find a new career pathway in the home and aged care sector. He continues to positively impact the lives of Silverchain Private Care clients, ensuring best care, every time.   

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