Epilepsy Awareness and Emergency Medications for Seizures

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Assisting with medication course

Online learning only

Online learning in supporting clients with epilepsy and administration of midazolam for seizure management.

This course provides support workers with an understanding of epilepsy, seizure classification and triggers.

You will be guided through the various elements of support of a client with epilepsy, including lifestyle support, psychological impacts, medication, documentation, seizure first aid and midazolam for seizure management.

With a focus on safe client support, you will learn key responsibilities in the safe process for checking and administering midazolam to ensure client safety and reduce the risk of errors and adverse events.

Downloadable learning materials and video demonstrations provide detailed instruction on the safe administration of midazolam for seizure management.

Online learning only

Access to the online learning module commences when you have enrolled.

Acceptance of Terms and Conditions and Charges and Refunds, is part of the enrolment process.

Terms and Conditions can be found below.

Program Benefits

Online learning allows you to learn at your own pace when and wherever you choose

Here you will gain workplace ready skills in seizure first aid and the administration of midazolam for seizure management

Certificate evidence for online learning

Prerequisite for this course is current competency in safe administration of medication

Learning Outcomes

Work ready, employability skills in epilepsy support, provision of seizure first aid administration of midazolam for seizure management

Certificate of course completion

Terms and conditions

  • On enrolment, we will provide information on:
    • how to access your online learning
  • Your online learning will take two to three hours to complete.
  • Access to online learning is for six months from enrolment date.

Charge and refunds

There will be full charge and no refunds issued for the online training course

All transactions are in Australian dollars

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