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27 July 2023

An international health care revolution is underway as Australia's Silverchain partners with Sheba Beyond to deliver cutting-edge, digitally-enabled home care.

Australia’s leading provider of complete and complex home care Silverchain has partnered with Sheba Beyond, one of the world’s first virtual hospitals – a collaboration that is set to accelerate digital health innovation in home care.

Silverchain’s memorandum of understanding with the Sheba Fund for Health Services and Research will also be led by Sheba’s ARC Center for Innovation, which is at the forefront of global health care collaboration. The ARC (Accelerate, Redesign, Collaborate) Center is based at the Sheba Medical Center, which is ranked as one of the top 10 hospitals in the world.

The partnership between Silverchain and Sheba will pioneer new models of home care, leveraging digital technologies to deliver complex health care services.

Silverchain Chief Executive Dale Fisher AM said the memorandum of understanding marked a significant milestone in international knowledge exchange in the health care and aged care fields.

“Not only does this MoU unite three outstanding entities - Silverchain, Sheba Beyond and Sheba’s ARC Center - it is also the first time a Sheba MoU in Australia has involved Sheba Beyond and we’re inspired to be a part of a collaboration of this calibre,” Ms Fisher said.

With Silverchain’s wealth of experience in complex health and aged care in the home, together with Sheba’s accelerated approach to digitally enabled care, this partnership is linking the best minds in the care sector to deliver the future of home care.

“Through this joint initiative, Silverchain will have the opportunity to benefit from Sheba’s expertise and experience, further enhancing the standards and capabilities in home care for the 115,000 Australians we care for each year. Ultimately, our partnership is set to improve home care access for all Australians, enhancing care outcomes and enriching the patient experience through digital innovation.

“Sheba will also benefit from our expertise in applied research which has a focus on improving safety and accessibility for in-home care particularly mental health, palliative care, cardiology, rehabilitation and acute health care in the home.”

Professor Eyal Zimlichman, Sheba’s Chief Innovation and Transformation Officer, and Founder and Director of ARC at Sheba Medical Centre, said he was profoundly excited about this partnership.

“The ARC Centre is at the heart of our efforts to transform healthcare. Our vision with Silverchain goes beyond mere collaboration; we are collectively forging a path for transformation,” Prof Zimlichman said.

“Together, we're striving to drive growth and drastically improve the way care is delivered to homes across Australia. This is not just about changing the model of care, it's about enabling better health equity for all Australians.

“In this collaboration, the ARC Centre could work hand-in-hand with Silverchain to create cutting-edge decision-support tools, co-develop new platforms or devices, and even conduct joint research related to forward-thinking topics, such as smart homes.

“I believe that our joint efforts can create a new standard of care that meets the diverse needs of individuals and communities across Australia. This partnership is a crucial step in turning that belief into reality.”

About Sheba 

As one of the world’s top 10 hospitals, standing at the forefront of clinical research, innovation, and patient care, Sheba Medical Center is committed to providing patients everywhere hope without boundaries by sharing its knowledge and experience with health care professionals, governments, and medical institutions.

Recognising the central role of telemedicine in the health care paradigm shift, Sheba created Beyond, one of the world’s first virtual hospitals. Operating over 130 virtual clinics and handling hundreds of virtual appointments each day, Beyond provides access to Sheba’s premier medical services and leading experts for anyone, any place, any time.

To further support large scale innovation in global health care by 2030, Sheba created ARC. An acronym for Accelerate, Redesign, and Collaborate, ARC unites leading medical and academic institutions worldwide with innovative startups and strategic industry partners to develop, pilot, and roll out game-changing health care solutions.

By cultivating an ecosystem that prioritizes digital health, promotes open innovation, advances international collaborations, and provides a home for innovation and innovators, ARC significantly accelerates health care advances: pushing the boundaries of medicine on a global level.

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