Programs designed to help you manage various health conditions, and provide access to the care you need.

We take a targeted approach to delivering holistic care that meets your needs and situation.

Whether you live with a chronic condition and need help coordinating your care, if you would like help transitioning from the hospital to your home, or if you need palliative care services, we’re here to provide the best care you need, when and where you need it.

Several of our health care programs take a multidisciplinary approach to deliver your care. This means you will be cared for by a team of professionally trained care workers, nurses, allied health professionals, and medical practitioners. Working together our teams can provide hospital level care - home delivered.

Our range of integrated in-home health care programs are delivered in Western Australia (WA), South Australia (SA), New South Wales (NSW), Victoria (VIC), and Queensland (QLD). They include:

  • Care Coordination Programs – WA, NSW, QLD, VIC
  • Continence Management and Advice Service (CMAS) - WA
  • COPD Support Program - WA
  • Dementia Wellbeing Service (DWS) - WA
  • HIV Enhanced Care Coordination Program - SA
  • In-home Palliative Care - WA, SA, NSW, QLD
  • Respiratory & Oxygen Service - WA
  • Restorative Care Services (RCS) - WA
  • Home Hospital & Post-Acute Care – WA, SA, QLD
  • Hospital Discharge Support (HDS) - WA
  • Paediatric Nursing Care - SA

Find out how to get started, so you can receive care at home, call our Contact Centre staff or complete our contact form today.

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If you are a health professional, here’s how you can refer your patients to our care programs:  

For enquiries in Queensland and other states, you can contact our referral team. 

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