We provide a specialised dementia service designed to maintain and improve your memory, and manage everyday tasks.

Our qualified team of occupational therapists specialise in dementia care.

One of our team members will contact you to arrange an in-person visit at your home. We will look at what tasks you can do, and where you might need some help.

From there we will work with you and your carer to provide recommendations, which includes setting long term goals that you can work towards to improve your health and wellbeing. 

We can help you: 

  • Improve your ability to do regular tasks and maintain your existing skills.
  • Use strategies to improve your memory so you can be more independent.
  • Manage changes in your home that affect your ability to look after yourself.
  • Understand information about dementia so you and your carer can manage your condition in the future.

Our team can provide specific training and support to carers and loved ones to help them better support you. We can also arrange ongoing reviews of your care plan for as long as you need.

Find out how to get started, so you can receive care at home, call our Contact Centre staff or complete our contact form today.

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Refer to us

If you are a health professional, here’s how you can refer your patients to our care programs:  

For enquiries in Queensland and other states, you can contact our referral team. 

Dementia Wellbeing services


Our Dementia Wellbeing Service is available in Perth.

Availability varies by capacity and location. Contact us to see what is available in your area.

This program is not currently available in other states.


You may be eligible for these services through Government Aged Care Funding for a Home Care Package (HCP).

To access funding for our aged care services, talk to your health professional or contact My Aged Care and ask for an assessment.

If you have been assessed and have a package, contact us to arrange the services you need.

If you are an existing client, you can speak to your HCP Coordinator if you’re interested in this service.


If you have Government Aged Care Funding you can use this to pay for all or the majority of the services you need. 

You may be required by the government to pay a Co-Contribution Fee towards the services you receive based on your financial circumstances. 

We can help you access funding and manage any payments you have, so contact us today.

Find out more about our costs and contributions.

News feature

Leading in-home health and aged care provider Silverchain has launched a unique service to make the end stage of life for West Australians with dementia or a memory impairment in palliative care easier.