At Silverchain we are committed to ensure all individuals, regardless of their background or identity, have access to employment opportunities health and ageing services that meet their needs.

We understand that diversity and inclusion not only enrich our workforce but also improve the quality of our services. 

We are committed to delivering the best care for people from all walks of life. At Silverchain, we believe best care is care that is safe, personal, connected and effective. 

We are the voice for change in home care and we believe in the right to access care that keeps you connected to your community.

Bespoke and culturally sensitive health care services

Silverchain’s current model of health in the home inherently addresses the issues of geography and mobility in accessing health care. The Community Impact and Inclusion Strategy aims to build our diverse care teams to ensure we are catering to all Australians in need of care 

How we will deliver Universal Access

We believe in giving people, particularly those in at risk communities, a level of health literacy to enable them to effectively participate in decisions about their health and care. We will achieve this by identifying barriers and challenges that prevent culturally and linguistically diverse, people living with disability, and women from accessing services and develop strategies to address them. 

Our commitment to universal access extends beyond compliance with regulations and legal requirements; it is at the heart of everything we do at Silverchain to improve our practices to create a better home care system for all Australians.


Silverchain is a proud member of the Australian Network on Disability. Through this collaboration and knowledge sharing with other members, Silverchain aims to enhance its accessibility infrastructure, policies, and practices, ensuring that every individual, regardless of their abilities, can receive the quality care they deserve.