We are living through unprecedented and uncertain times

Silver Chain will rise to the challenges presented to us all by the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic and, together, we will harness the energy of our response to emerge as a stronger organisation.

For over 120 years, we have been providing Australians with expert and compassionate in-home health and aged care. Our mission is to support people in their homes so they may confidently live their lives as they choose.

As an essential provider of home care, the nature of our work has never been more important.

While our liberty and freedoms are currently being challenged, we are committed to protecting the health and wellbeing of our community, our 105,000 clients and our 4,000 health and aged care workers.

We will navigate through this crisis by collective action. Our partners and relationships are vital.

Drawing on our community spirit, our values, our expertise and our amazing staff, the community trust Silver Chain enjoys as an innovative provider of the highest quality of care, will continue and expand.

Together we will work with governments, our health and business partners and other peer organisations to steer through the current volatility. And while it is imperative that we focus on stabilising what we do today, we will also be focussed on the future horizon.

We are an essential service and will continue to care for Australians in their homes

So, what is Silver Chain doing?

  • We will continue to deliver our health and aged care services across Australia.
  • We are working with the Commonwealth, State governments in efforts to increase the capacity for out of hospital care and reduce the pressure on the acute health system.
  • We are a responsible organisation and are monitoring the situation closely, preparing for a range of contingencies based on government advice and our own professional insights.
  • We will update our policies and procedures to align with the latest government positioning.
  • We understand the importance of psychosocial health and wellbeing and so, we are communicating regularly with our staff, clients, partners and communities with clear, consistent and practical information.
  • We are exploring ways to increase the use of telehealth and other virtual technologies to deliver care and keep our community connected.
  • Our Social Centres have now reopened within our new COVID-safe environment.

Protecting our clients and staff

The safety of our clients and staff is not negotiable.

We will be courageously decisive in our actions to protect our people and the community we serve.

We have sought guidance on the use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to protect our staff and clients. Further, we are working with governments to maintain the supply of PPE, such as surgical face masks, hand sanitizer and gowns, to ensure our staff remain safe as they conduct their important work.

To protect our clients, staff and the wider community, we are screening to identify the presence of a pre-existing or a newly developed infectious disease risk at the time of referral, prior to all direct face-to-face care and/or upon arrival at a service delivery centre. Your care provider will ask you a series of important questions to identify whether there is an infectious risk and we thank you in advance for your support and cooperation in this very important component of our care delivery process.

We take the advice of infectious disease and public health experts seriously and have adopted their advice including social distancing where possible.

And, we have implemented a work from home policy where possible, tripling our capacity to do so through the purchase of additional technologies and tools.

Silver Chain has a proud pioneering history of delivering expert, compassionate care, often to people who are at their most vulnerable. We are looking to innovate in this time of uncertainty to find solutions and responses not just for our own clients, but for the public good, long after the current volatility has passed.

Dale Fisher
Silver Chain Group