For Adelaide couple Joylene and John Stewart, the secret to 60 years of marriage is kindness and affection.

Despite living with dementia, 82-year-old John has always remembered the way his wife makes him feel.

“It’s hard seeing John live with dementia. Sometimes I think he doesn’t remember me, and then he reminds me how lovely I am. He always makes me feel so special,” Joylene said.

For more than a year, Joylene and John have both been receiving RDNS Silverchain in-home care services, enabling them to live independently despite both battling health conditions.

“Last year I had a triple bypass surgery and John never wanted to leave the house. He became very disconnected to the community,” Joylene said.

“John now goes out a couple of days a week for RDNS Silverchain’s Active Minds and Wellbeing Program and has even started playing bingo and the ukulele.

“Everyone has noticed a big change in John. He is more confident, outgoing and now loves getting out of the house,” Joylene added.

The Active Minds and Wellbeing Program is a social support program that provides a wide range of fun and flexible activities designed for people with memory loss and cognitive conditions, including dementia.

RDNS Silverchain also takes care of Joylene and John’s cleaning and other household tasks, giving them more time and energy to spend together, doing the things they love.

For more information about RDNS Silverchain or their services call 1300 761 577.