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04 March 2024

Elma, a client from Ballan in Victoria, is one of those helpful souls who you’d love to have as a neighbour. From bringing in her neighbours’ bins on collection day, to just having the occasional chat, Elma makes the neighbourhood special. 

After years of good health, Elma faced a series of unexpected health concerns requiring multiple visits to hospital. As she recovered at home, at first, even simple tasks felt harder, and she worried about losing her independence. 

Elma decided it was time to get more help at home but found the aged care system confusing. That’s where our new Home Care Packages (HCP) service came in and when she met Gary. 

Now, with Gary, a Registered Nurse, and Case Manager on board to lead HCP services in regional Victoria, clients like Elma can transition from their Commonwealth Home Support Programme package (CHSP). 

Gary Greer, HCP Program Manager and Elma
“A Home Care Package is great for those who need a bit of extra support beyond what is offered on CHSP. An HCP offers a lot of flexibility, so we can deliver just the right sort of care to help the client live independently and achieve their health and wellbeing goals,” Gary said.

“Elma is one of the most resilient people I’ve met. She’s a reminder that can face challenges and still find joy in life.”

Gary helped Elma understand what support she needed and keeping her usual Care Worker Lisa.  This has made a big difference, Elma said. “I feel more relaxed knowing Lisa visits me more often. She is a very good worker, and we always find time for a chat.” 

With support, Elma found strength and a renewed sense of security. She cherishes time with her loved ones and remains steadfast in her desire to live independently. 

“HCPs also enable Silverchain to change clients’ support as their needs change; our care teams will check-in with clients regularly to make sure their achieving their health and wellbeing goals,” Gary said.

“If something goes wrong, I know I’ll be okay. I’ll call Gary,” Elma said. 

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