June lives in Queenstown, SA, with her daughter Judy and grandson Tyrone.  Her granddaughter Annalise is her primary carer, helping with tasks like cooking, cleaning, and scheduling doctor visits, and Judy also provides support by assisting with home care and driving her mother to go shopping.

To help June maintain her independence, she receives a Level 4 Home Care Package from RDNS Silverchain which includes Personal Care and Social Support services.  

When Judy and Annalise asked for more support to help June live independently, RDNS Silverchain Home Care Package Coordinator Amanda took action. She urgently referred the family to Social Worker Jocelyn, who then involved RDNS Silverchain Aboriginal Liaison Officer Tina because of her cultural expertise.

Jocelyn and Tina visited June's home together to understand the family dynamics and look at ways to reduce stress levels in the home.  

Judy had also recently turned 50 and was encouraged to seek services from My Aged Care for a Commonwealth Home Support Package (CHSP). This allowed Judy to have time for her own health and well-being.

Amanda also arranged for an Occupational Therapist to visit June's home and suggest modifications to make her personal care easier. This teamwork greatly improved the family's daily life.  

They provided the much-needed support that helped June to take more control of her finances and receive help with household tasks. Along with Judy now using the CHSP services, the family stress levels have notably reduced.

The RDNS Silverchain care team continued to visit June's home and provided more information to help her feel less isolated and connect with her community. They kept in touch with Annalise and all the RDNS Silverchain Allied health staff to ensure a smooth transition to the increased support.

RDNS Silverchain believes in working together to empower clients like June, helping them to live more independently and improve their quality of life.

If you would like support to live in your own home, we help you access a range of our in-home aged services through the Commonwealth Home Support Program, Home Care Packages or you can self-fund services of your choice. Click here to find out more.