Experience community-based medical care and be part of creating a medical workforce that supports community-led care programs.

This training is currently only delivered in Western Australia and New South Wales, though a range of other training options are available across Australia.

Supporting community-based care

Our training is designed to provide registrars with a rich and diverse experience of medical care in the community, helping to create a medical workforce that supports community-based care programs as well as individual health.

During the course of their placement, registrars are exposed to and perform a wide range of tasks and procedures, fully supported by an experienced clinical team.

We are committed to promoting a healthy work/life balance with limited weekend and on-call work.

Feedback received from doctors who have completed the training supports the value of community-based care as part of their training.

Training support

The registrar training program is supported by a structured educational environment and includes learning with:

  • Specialist consultants and registrars
  • Practice Manager
  • Specialist consultants in-home hospital and palliative care
  • A dynamic multi-disciplinary team
  • Weekly education sessions with supporting online modules

To enrol or for further information

For information about dates, availability and how to enrol please contact our friendly support team.