Home is where the heart heals, and hopes, and for many, where it comes to rest.

Home is where the heart heals, and hopes, and for many, where it comes to rest.

Approximately 70% of Australians would prefer to die at home but only 15% are able to do so, according to the Productivity Commission.

Silverchain’s holistic approach provides a gold standard of care to nearly 3,500 West Australians each year. Almost 60% of clients who died were able to do so in the comfort and safety of their own homes.

Our innovative service is defined by a dedicated team who provide complete care with compassion and unwavering commitment to our clients of all ages, including babies and children.

Our difference

40 years of experience

Since the Palliative Care at home service began in partnership with the Western Australian Government and the Cancer Council in August 1982, our service is now nationally and internationally recognised for our outstanding outcomes.

Our significant community impact

Thanks to our holistic approach and the quality of our care, Western Australia now has the lowest number of palliative care beds per capita in hospitals nationally.

WA’s most trusted home care brand for 2022

The quality of our care is why we were voted Western Australia’s most trusted home care brand. We believe in the power of home.

The support of our WA community

With the backing of our Silverchain donors, we are supported in new advancements to continue enhancing the care we provide for years to come.

For more information about our Palliative Care Service

If you would like to receive Palliative Care services or know someone who is interested, speak to your doctor about a referral today.

We also offer Palliative Care at home in South Australia, Western Sydney and on the Sunshine Coast.

For more information about our services you can click here or call us at 1300 650 803.