Silverchain provides hospital-level care for those needing short-term acute or sub-acute care that can be delivered safely in the home, a clinic or a residential aged care facility. 

The Silverchain Home Hospital program is primarily funded by the Department of Health WA and is available 7 days a week in the community.

Referral criteria


  • Patient is medically stable, has a clear diagnosis and prognosis, and is at low risk of rapid deterioration.
  • Medicare card holder.
  • Adults aged 18 years or over. However, children aged >13 years may be accepted if can be dosed as an adult, not under the care of a paediatrician and have a responsible adult present during the visit.
  • Pregnant women <20 weeks gestation.

Geographical availability

Metropolitan WA:

  • All metropolitan areas

Country WA:

  • Limited. Call to check service availability by region.


No cost to client.

Hospital at the Home

Clinical care available: 

  • pre- and post- surgical bridging (Clexane +/- Warfarin management) 
  • IV antibiotics
  • IV hydration (for hyperemesis up to 20 weeks gestation)
  • IV iron infusion (at Kingsley or Maddington clinic only)
  • Zoledronic infusions
  • trial of void from ED
  • negative pressure wound therapy (NPWT)
  • wound and drain care where drains require flush and measures
  • therapeutic anti-coagulation (Warfarin only)
  • education and support for patients with Total Parenteral Nutrition (TPN).

Post Acute Care

Post Acute care services are available for a maximum of 21 days post discharge from all hospitals in Perth metropolitan area (except Peel and Perth Children’s Hospital).

Clinical care available:

  • wound and drain care (flush only)
  • prophylactic anti-coagulation
  • PICC/PORT management or midline management
  • new stoma care
  • trial of void
  • newly diagnosed diabetic care
  • parental medications.

Patients discharged from private hospitals in the Perth metropolitan  areas can only be accepted if a completed payment of service form is agreed for up to 14 days; thereafter patients may be eligible for public funding.

How to refer to Hospital at the Home and Post Acute

Referrals can be received from Medical Practitioners and Registered Nurses from all public hospitals, and some private hospitals on a fee-for-service basis.

  1. Check referral eligibility criteria.
  2. Check relevant Clinical Protocol.
  3. Complete the Hospital at the Home and Post-Acute Referral formand supporting documentation requirements:    
    • Discharge Summary or Operation Report
    • Relevant pathology/radiology results as per Clinical Protocol
    • Silverchain Medication Order form (if applicable)
    • PICC/PORT/CVC reports (if applicable)
    • Wound management plan (if applicable)
  4. Send documents either via:
  5. A Silverchain Ambulatory Liaison Nurse may call the referrer for further information or clarification if the referral requirements are not fully completed.
  6. For any referral enquiries, please call 1300 300 122 and ask to speak to our Ambulatory Liaison Nurses, available 24/7.
  7. Further clinical updates (including signed Medication Order form) can be sent via fax or email.

Important note: An automated acknowledgment message does not guarantee the referral has been accepted.   If your referral is URGENT and has not been expressly accepted or declined within the timeframe required, please call us to follow up.

Priority Response Assessment (PRA)

For clients not needing an emergency response and can wait up to 4 hours.

Clinical care available:

  • blocked or by-passing catheters
  • non-IV constipation medications
  • acute PEG issues

How to refer to Priority Response Assessment 

Referrals for PRA can be accepted via phone only.  

Referrals can be received from a Medical Practitioner, Nurse Practitioner, Registered Nurse and Enrolled Nurse representing an organisation including:

  • residential aged care facilities and residential care line outreach
  • disability care facilities and group homes
  • St John Ambulance 

Please call 1300 300 122 and ask to speak to our Ambulatory Liaison Nurses to refer for either a:

  • Same day acute intervention within 4 hours; or
  • Pre-approval for non-Silverchain clients requiring unscheduled acute catheter or PEG care.  Only GPs may request PRA pre-approvals.