For Bernie, his quality of life is tied strongly to spending time with people and being part of a community. Before starting Silverchain’s social support services, he and his wife Yvonne felt isolated and lonely at home.    

"They ask you want you want to do, and if they don't have it, they'll go out and get it for us, which is fantastic; they would bend over backwards to help you,” Bernie said.  

With your help, Silverchain can research how quality of life impacts health outcomes to ensure our legacy of care continues for the next generation. 


Your donation can help us better understand our clients needs so we can help them achieve a higher quality of life in ways that matter to them.     

Silverchain Chief Executive Dale Fisher said quality of life and personal connection for people receiving health and aged care services in the home really matters.  

“Care is more than knowing how many hours of support you need; it's knowing when, where and how you will need that care to be provided. This approach can make a life changing difference,” Adjunct Professor Fisher said.   

"In partnership with our clients, Silverchain will develop the right tools to measure their quality of life, creating the starting point to an improved quality of life for older Australians who receive health and aged care services in their home.   

“It will become far easier to identify gaps in services for new and existing clients, and to improve and develop new and innovative care options."  

Your donation can help shape future services at Silverchain and support our aspiration to create a better home care system for all Australians.