This type of assessment is conducted by an Aged Care Assessment Team (ACAT) and is required to receive government-funded services.

You need to have this face-to-face assessment to receive government-funded services including for a Home Care Package, or if you are considering moving into an aged care home.

It may take up to eight weeks to have an ACAT assessment from when you register for one. Check how to register for an assessment.

What the ACAT assessor will do

A member of the ACAT team will make a time with you to visit you in your home for your assessment. The assessment will take between 45 minutes and 2 hours.

When they arrive at your home, they will ask if you agree to have the assessment. They will have a copy of the information you gave to My Aged Care.

During the assessment, they will ask you about your health, home and day-to-day activities. This could be:

  • which medications you are taking
  • what type of support you have in place
  • what social and cultural activities you like to do
  • how you do daily activities around the house
  • if you have problems with your memory.

The ACAT assessor may also ask to speak to your general practitioner (GP) or specialist.

What you should know

It might feel a bit nerve-racking to have an assessment but remember that it is all about getting you the support you need.

Make sure you share your goals and preferences with the ACAT assessor and ask questions at any time during your assessment. 

You can also:

  • have a friend, relative or carer present during the assessment if you would like
  • ask My Aged Care for an interpreter to be present.

You won’t find out the results of your assessment straight away – the assessor will take the information back to the ACAT to decide the type of support you need. You will receive a letter that confirms if you have been assessed as eligible for aged care support.

If this support is through a Home Care Package, you will be automatically placed in the national queue to access your package.

More information

Find out more about what to expect on the My Aged Care Portal – Preparing for an assessment.